January 13 2024, Beit HaMashiach Announcements


# Announcement Details/Script
1 Welcome Shabbat Shalom and welcome to the Beit HaMashiach community announcements. Thank you for joining us in person and online. If you are new here, we’d love you to introduce yourself to any of our leaders.
2 Australia Day – ZulaRoo dedication The Dedication of our ZulaRoo lodge in Apollo Bay is on Australia Day, Friday 26th of January, from 2pm to 4pm, but you’re welcome to arrive earlier. There are 7 seats still available in the bus which will leave here at 9am and return approximately 8pm. Seats are $30 per person. Please see Karen TODAY if you would like a seat, or email connect@beithamashiach.com
3 MTC courses commencing soon Our Messianic Training Centre courses for Term 1 commence very soon: Monday 29th of January – Intermediate Biblical Hebrew with Eleanor Miles,Tuesday 30th January – Beginners Biblical Hebrew with Sharon Dinjan, and Thursday 1st of February – Messiah in the Prophets with Paul Cohen. For more details and to enrol, please go to celebratemessiah.com.au/mtc or use the QR code shown.
4 Accommodation needed for Alex Chua Alex Chua, a new Celebrate Messiah staff member, is moving to Melbourne soon and needs accommodation which he will pay for, either short-term or medium-term, preferably close to Hamerkaz. If you or someone you know has something suitable, please ask Karen for Alex’s phone number.
5 Caring for our Community Happy birthday today to Olive who is now 2, tomorrow to Jonathan Gabbert, John Major and Cherrison, Tuesday to Dirk, Wednesday to Aina, and Thursday to Jessica who turns 14. Happy 20th wedding anniversary to Ravi and Perine. And happy birthday or wedding anniversary to anyone else celebrating this week.
6 Offering Finally, thank you for your ongoing support of Beit HaMashiach. We invite you to give your tithes and offerings at beithamashiach.com, or in person using the QR posters or the offering box at the back of the Sanctuary during the next song. Shabbat Shalom and Shavua Tov.