February 3 2024, Beit HaMashiach Announcements


# Announcement Details/Script
1 Welcome Shabbat Shalom and welcome to the Beit HaMashiach community announcements. Thank you for joining us in person and online. If you are new here, we’d love you to introduce yourself to any of our leaders.
2 Israeli hostages display has been updated We have updated our display of Israeli hostages by removing those who have been released or who have sadly died whilst in captivity, so the posters there now show 93 of the 107 people who are still in captivity, so you can keep praying for their release. Feel free to take a photo of the display, or of individual posters so you can pray for them at home. We have heard some more people may be released soon, and if so, we will label the posters when we find out who were released.
3 Gluten-free matzah for Lord’s Seder Towards the end of today’s service, we’ll be having Lord’s Seder, which some of you may know as communion. We have it on the first Shabbat of each month. If you can’t eat gluten, please come during the Lord’s Seder song, to the table at the front right of the Sanctuary, and take a piece of gluten-free matzah from the plastic container.
4 Free books and ‘Lost and found’ items On the pew and table near the Resources Room, there are many second-hand books which are available for you to take for free, so please go and have a look, and take any which interest you.

There are also items other than books, which have been in the ‘Lost and Found’ tub but haven’t been claimed despite our reminders, so as promised these items are now free for anyone to take!

5 Chavurah groups, prayer meetings, Art Group, WhatsApp groups Our Prayer meetings and Chavurah groups, which were announced last week, resume this week and next week. Please take a flyer from the foyer table to see what groups we have, who leads them, which day or night of the week and time, the start date, how often it meets, and the location unless it meets on Zoom.
If you picked up a flyer last week, please pick up another one today, as we’ve added the following 3 activities to it:
– the Women’s Prayer and Pastoral Care Zoom meeting 11am every Tuesday led by Lynn,
– the B’Yachad Young Adults Bible Study group 7pm every Wednesday here at Hamerkaz, led by Felicity,
– and the Art Group from 1pm to 3pm every Tuesday, here at Hamerkaz, led by Donald, which resumes this coming Tuesday 6th of February.
If you would like a flyer emailed to you, please request it at connect@beithamashiach.com
Details will soon also be in the Events and Calendar sections of our website – beithamashiach.com.We also have 2 main WhatsApp groups – ‘BH Prayer’, for posting your prayer needs or letting others know you’re praying for them, and ‘BH Community Help’ for posting practical needs you may have, such as looking for accommodation, items you wish to give away or sell, etc. If you want to be added to one or both of these groups, please email connect@beithamashiach.com with your name, mobile number and which group or groups you want to be added to.
6 Caring for our Community Happy birthday tomorrow to Noah Peyroux and Nicole Sandilands, Monday to Olive Rezaei who turns 3, and Thursday to Jesse Hirsch. Happy wedding anniversary today to Craig and Rhonda, and happy 29th wedding anniversary tomorrow to Michael and Natalie. And happy birthday or wedding anniversary to anyone else celebrating this week. Thank you to everyone who RSVPed for Johnatan and Maribel’s wedding which will be 2:30pm on Sunday the 11th of February, here at Hamerkaz. And please remember the request Louise made a couple of weeks ago, for those coming to bless Johnatan and Maribel by bringing food for their afternoon tea reception – something savoury and something sweet.
7 Offering Finally, thank you for your ongoing support of Beit HaMashiach. We invite you to give your tithes and offerings at beithamashiach.com, or in person using the QR posters or the offering box at the back of the Sanctuary during the next song. Shabbat Shalom and Shavua Tov.