Making our Case for Yeshua the Messiah

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  1. Glen Bourke

    15/03/2021 1:56 am Reply

    Shalom, I also have Jewish Ancestry. My Great Grandfather being Benjamin Hyam Cohen. I have always struggled with my identity, I have spoken to many Jewish people who tell me I am not and can not Identify a Jewish?
    I am also Born Again and since then I have felt even more Jewish in accepting Yeshua as Mashiach and receiving the Ruach Ha Kodesh. I have trouble fitting in with “Gentile Congregations” (in Wollongong) south of Sydney, as I hold fast to Jewish Holy Days such as practising Shabbat. Your sermons have given me such great inspiration and I thank you for the Blessins they provide.
    Shalom in Yeshua

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