October 21 2023, Beit HaMashiach Announcements


# Announcement Details/Script
1 Welcome Shabbat Shalom and welcome to the Beit HaMashiach community announcements. Thank you for joining us in person and online. If you are new here, we’d love you to introduce yourself to any of our leaders.
2 Mayim Chayim We invite you to attend our 2pm Mayim Chayim service today, in person only. Today’s topic is ‘Transforming Prayer’! One of the keys to discipleship is abiding in Yeshua and having His word abide in you. From that place you can pray and bear much fruit, and God is glorified (John 15:7-8).


3 Bible Reading Plan In order to have God’s Word abiding in us, we must read it! And Rabbi Lawrence has found a ‘Bible-in-a-year’ daily reading plan to help us read the weekly Torah portions and also the whole Bible in a year, so please take one from the foyer table.
4 Prayer meetings & Donations for Israel war Zoom prayer meetings for Israel are continuing this coming week, at 8pm Monday to Thursday. If you haven’t received Zoom details, please see Karen or email connect@beithamashiach.com to request them. And for updates on the work our partners in Israel are doing to help those who have been affected by the war, or to donate to support them, please go to celebratemessiah.com.au/war or you may put cash in the basket on the back table.
5 Art Group Our Art Group continues to meet every Tuesday here from 1pm to 3pm, and has been advertised in Glen Eira News, so newcomers are always welcome. Please speak to Donald if you have any questions, or email connect@beithamashiach.com
6 Last Hammond Care visit for 2023 this Wed This Wednesday morning is the last day this year for us to lead the Chapel service at Hammond Care. If you would like to assist, please see Katie, Sally or Hedy.


7 Bring-and-share lunch for Adiel’s BatMizvah next Shabbat Next Shabbat 28th of October, Adiel Shelling is having her Bat Mitzvah here during our 10:30am service, so we are having a bring-and-share lunch together afterwards to celebrate. Please bring a plate of finger food, and remember no pork or shellfish. Thank you.
8 Simcha Now, more than ever, we who stand with Israel need to meet together, so we encourage you to come to Simcha, Celebrate Messiah’s national messianic conference, here in our Caulfield Messianic Centre during the last weekend of November, or to the Youth Camp at Anglesea if you are in Years 7 to 12. You must register by Thursday 9th of November, even those of you who normally come to Beit HaMashiach services – if you don’t, the only meeting the whole weekend that you will be able to attend will be the 10:30am Shabbat Family Service. Please go the the Upcoming Events section of celebratemessiah.com.au where you can also register for the livestream links if you can’t attend in person.
9 Appointed Times Planner This beautiful Appointed Times Daily Planner 5784/2024 is a great way to keep organized and on track with God’s Appointed Times. It features a drawing of figs on its cover and the pages have illustrations of Biblical fruit and holy elements. The Planner was designed and compiled by Eleanor Miles & Susanna Wyld of Hineh Yeshua Congregation in Canberra.

It integrates the Australian calendar and all major Australian holidays with the Jewish calendar and Biblical holidays and the local Israeli holidays too.

You will learn about the profound meanings of the Biblical Feast days and how Messiah has and will fulfil all the appointed times on God’s clock. Included also, are weekly scripture readings used in Judaism around the world, and corresponding verses from the Brit Hadashah
(New Testament) to understand that God’s scripture is an integrated whole.

And that’s not all…there’s so much in this Planner! Go to the back and you will find Shabbat and Havdalah blessings, that’s the Sabbath and the end of the Sabbath blessings, Messianic Prophecies and those already fulfilled in Yeshua, the Messiah. Look! There’s the “Forbidden Chapter” Isaiah 53 and the “Forbidden verses” Daniel 9. You’ll find the special readings for
every Jewish Holiday… what more could you want ??!

It costs $35 and that includes Shipping and Handling or $30 if you visit the Resources Shop in person.

Part of the proceeds will go to support Robert & Eleanor Miles, who are Celebrate Messiah outreach workers to the Jewish people in Canberra and pastors of Hineh Yeshua Congregation.

10 Caring for our Community Happy birthday Tuesday to Michele Shelling, Dinu and Enoch, Wednesday to Byron, and Thursday to Maya who turns 5 and to Izzy at Cafe D’Lish. Happy 1st wedding anniversary tomorrow to Miguel and Eliana!
And happy birthday or wedding anniversary to anyone else celebrating this week.
11 Offering Finally, thank you for your ongoing support of Beit HaMashiach. We invite you to give your tithes and offerings through the BH website, or in person using the QR posters or the offering box at the back of the Sanctuary during the next song. Shabbat Shalom and Shavua Tov.