September 2 2023, Beit HaMashiach Announcements


# Announcement Details/Script
1 Welcome Shabbat Shalom and welcome to the Beit HaMashiach community announcements. Some announcements also refer to Celebrate Messiah, which is the overall ministry that Beit HaMashiach, the Messianic Training Centre and Tikkun Olam are ministries under. Thank you for joining us in person and online. If you have any questions or prayer requests, please contact us at or call 9572 5792. And if you’re a visitor, please introduce yourself to any of our pastoral care team wearing name lanyards, so they can get to know you and give you a voucher for a free barista coffee. Here are the announcements for this week, which are also at and you’re welcome to take photos of the slides on the screen.
2 Worshipping by Jewish dance A special part of our worship each Shabbat is Jewish dancing. We would love more of you to join in, so to learn with Louise, please arrive 9:30am each Shabbat.
3 Mayim Chayim We invite you to attend today’s 2pm Mayim Chayim service, in person only.
4 Safe Spaces protocols & reporting We would like to remind you that we believe in and are committed to providing a safe environment for all people who attend our services and programs. We have policies and procedures in place, including all our staff and volunteers having a Working With Children card. If you feel unsafe in any way, or see any unsafe behaviour, please report it to the leader running that service or program, such as Lawrence or Louise for the 10: 30am service, Simon or Jen for the 2pm service, Felicity for Youth or Young Adults meetings, Tara for children’s programs,
or your Chavurah group leader. They will then help you fill in the appropriate form, such as an Incident and Injury Report Form, or a Risk of Significant Harm Child Safety Report Form, and then pass this onto our Safety Officer, Karen Peyroux, who can also be contacted directly at or on 0419 45 907. We would also like to remind you that our First Aid Officer is Michelle Elder.
5 How to give funds for ZulaRoo project Last week we shared our exciting new ‘ZulaRoo’ project we are raising funds for, to buy accommodation in Apollo Bay to host Israeli backpackers, which will be managed by Corey and Sarah Bolton. This will increase our opportunity to share the good news of Yeshua with precious Jewish young people. If you would like to contribute to this project, you can give at and make sure you specify ‘ZulaRoo’, or by direct debit using the details on the screen. If you attend in person and want to give cash, please put it in a Celebrate Messiah envelope, write ‘ZulaRoo’ on it, then put it in the offering box.
6 Volunteers needed for Tikkun Olam activities Tikkun Olam’s Packing & Delivering of Food Hampers for Rosh Hashanah is on Thursday the 7th of September 2023, starting here in our Caulfield Messianic Centre at 10am. And the next monthly lunch here is on Wednesday 13th of September. If you would like more information or are able to help with either of these activities, please contact Barry using the details on the screen.
7 High Holy Days services We invite you to attend the special services we are having for the High Holy Days festivals. Details are on the screen and at As we announced last week, we’ll have dinner together after the Rosh Hashanah service, so please bring either a main course or a dessert, but remember no pork or shellfish. And after the Sukkot service we will have supper together, so please bring some light finger food to share, either savoury or sweet.
7 Messianic Jewish Art Calendar and Appointed Times Planner The new Messianic Jewish Art calendar will be arriving here soon. The theme is ‘Prayers for Israel’ and every purchase supports ministry in Israel. It includes the major Australian and Israel holidays, and weekly Torah readings. The cost for 1 is $22.95, and for a set of 3 is $59.95. You can pre-order at A helpful companion to this is the “Appointed Times Planner”, which is available from the Resources Room for $30 and is now available online for $35 at the same link.
7 MTC Term 4 courses Celebrate Messiah’s Messianic Training Centre Term 4 Zoom courses are now available to enrol in: “The Jewishness of the New Testament”, 7:30pm to 9pm each Thursday night from 12th of October to 30th November, taught by Professor David Sedaca, and “Biblical Hebrew Level 1 Part 4”, 7:30pm to 9pm each Monday night from 2nd of October to 4th of December, taught by Eleanor Miles. For more details and to register, please use the links in the email you received last Tuesday, or go to
7 Simcha conference Please register as soon as possible for Simcha, Celebrate Messiah’s national Messianic conference, from Friday night 24th November to Sunday morning 26th November, or for the Youth Camp if you are in Years 7 to 12, by going to the Upcoming Events section of If you can’t attend Simcha in person, you can register to receive the livestream links which you can watch live or any time afterwards.
7 CM Fb page & Instagram Celebrate Messiah now has an Instagram page! Follow us to learn more about our ministries, online store, and outreach to the Jewish people around the world. Be sure to follow our Facebook page too, as we continue to update you there on what’s happening within Celebrate Messiah. See the links on the screen.
7 Caring for our Community Happy birthday today to Anastasia, Odelia who turns 3 and Lillian who turns 13, Monday to Nyle, Tuesday to Stanley, and Wednesday to Anusha and to Ezra Hirsch who turns 6. Happy 38th wedding anniversary Thursday to our inspiring leaders Rabbi Lawrence and Louise, and happy 26th wedding anniversary Friday to David and Tricia. And happy birthday and wedding anniversary to anyone else celebrating this week.
7 Offering Finally, thank you for your ongoing support of Beit HaMashiach. We invite you to give your tithes and offerings through the BH website, or in person using the QR posters or the offering box at the back of the Sanctuary during the next song. Shabbat Shalom and Shavua Tov.