Chavurah groups, that is fellowship groups, will be recommencing in February. The purpose of Chavurah groups is to worship together, care and pray for each other, study the Bible together and apply it to our lives, to grow spiritually through discipleship and using the gifts God has given us, to support the mission to Jews through outreach, and to grow in number and form new groups. 


There is one new group starting, led by Mike and Linda Elder in their home in Rowville, 7pm Mondays fortnightly, commencing 6th of February. If you are interested in attending this group, please talk to them or call Mike on 0412 537 879. 


Here are the details for the other groups:


  • Caulfield group led by Rabbi Lawrence and Louise – 7pm Wednesdays fortnightly, commencing 1st of February at Hamerkaz


  • B’Yachad Young Adults Bible Study led by Felicity – 7pm every Wednesday, commencing 1st of February at Hamerkaz


  • Men’s group led by Peter – 7pm Wednesdays fortnightly, commencing 22nd of February at Hamerkaz


  • Russian-speaking group led by Andrey – 7pm Fridays fortnightly, commencing 3rd of February at Hamerkaz


  • Hampton Park group led by Emmanuel, Lynn and Lael – 7pm Wednesdays fortnightly, commencing face-to-face 8th of February, on Zoom 22nd of February, then alternating each fortnight between face-to-face and Zoom


  • Dirk and Michelle’s group on Zoom – 7pm every Wednesday commencing 8th of February. 


For more details about any of these groups, please see the relevant leader, or Dirk as the Chavurah Groups Coordinator, or email our connect address.